Tips on How to Save for a Wedding

Being a former actuary, I actually know a thing or two about personal finance. I try to hide my background because it’s something I’d like to forget because those were dark times. I remember dreading everyday, coming to work, going to the basement at Insura Tech only to find Blaine stole my stapler again. Those were dark times. Don’t’ ever be an actuary.

I really don’t like to talk about it. I only want to focus on the positive things that I have now. I have my own wedding film company. I know how to shoot the best wedding videos. I make the sweetest videos that get me paid. I don’t have to worry about Blaine or any silly stapler. I have moved on with my life.


However, sometimes I get too much wine to drink at a wedding, and this is when I revisit the dark times working as an actuary. This is when the subject of how to save, or specifically how to save on a wedding comes up, because inevitably the subject of videography pay rates come up naturally in conversation. And when it does come up, people realize “hey, who best to give budget advice but a former actuary.”

So since I’m a nice guy, and nice guys end up with the sweetest gigs I’ve decided to write down my thoughts on how to save for a wedding.


Having a wedding budget breakdown can help you get your mind organized when preparing for a wedding. If you are looking for ways to plan your wedding without going overboard on your budget or if you are dealing with a smaller budget, take a look at these tips which you can use as you plan for your special day.

With the help of spread sheets or worksheets you will find that many of them itemize the things that usually incur some expenses. This can be from floral and decors to the attire to food and other expenses at the reception such as music, tents, and so much more.

If you want to save yet have a great day, here are a few more tips that you can use:

  • If you are saving up for that Big Day, you can put your money in the bank to make sure that it is earning interest.
  • Decide on how much your budget really is. If you are thinking about borrowing some money from family, friends, or the bank, you really need to check whether you can afford to pay them back at a set date. You don’t want to be empty-pocketed after your wedding and a wedding budget breakdown will help ensure that.
  • Remember that it is about you and your partner. Wedding planning can be quite busy with so many things to decide on. Remember that your wedding should be the way that you and partner want it to be and not be dictated by what other people say. It’s mostly the marriage that you should be focusing on.
  • Get married off-season. Some dream of being a June bride but getting married in a different season might actually help you save more money. Since it is not peak season, you might be able to find great sales for your attire, venue, flowers, and more.
  • Venue. You might want to check out the university that you graduated from. They might have wonderful locations in which they’ll charge you for with an alma mater price. Have your reception and ceremony done in one place. This will save the costs of transporting guests and just the hassle of getting to and fro. The venue might be given to you at a bargain price because of the hours you spend there. Try to find a location which will minimize decorative costs. For example, if you have a small budget for floral decoration which you so desire, a garden might be the best venue for you.
  • Dress. Do your shopping at least eight months ahead of time. This will help you find the dress you really want and have enough time to get it fixed or have an alternation to make it your dream dress. Go with your personality. Stick to searching for dresses which are in line with your personality or taste. If you love vintage, search in stores that cater these or go directly to these sections in the store. This is about saving time too. Stick with your budget. You can still get your princess dress at an affordable price by checking outlet or discount stores, rent a gown shops, or perhaps your aunt’s closet.
  • Guests. You want to make sure that you have enough food than spending a lot on decorations. The ambiance is important and you should think about special rooms or places that can cater the old and young. Cut your guest list if you have to.

Planning a wedding on a budget can be a lot of fun as you think of different ideas and search for an alternative solution to a challenge. Having and sticking to a budget will be a great help, but remember that a budget doesn’t determine how fun or romantic a wedding is.


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